During the 10-year history of the company, the number of tourists visiting SHAMS Group Tourism has increased 60 times, and this number continues to grow. The company strives to improve the quality of services every year by choosing the most appropriate prices for tours. Our company is multifaceted and offers not only individual, family or public, but also business corporate events, sports camps and themed trips.



"Each of our customers is our pride!"


By deeply analyzing the desires of customers, we prepare tours for every budget, taste and comfort, we are able to satisfy our customers by choosing the best hotels, the most popular places for small groups, individual or family travel and recreation, referring only to the ratings of and . We keep in touch with our customers to ensure the quality of services provided during and after the visit.




The company's specialists carefully study the market and forecast future trends in demand. Within the framework of our long-term plans, we are building our development policy more firmly, taking into account the development and change ahead of time. The company intends to increase the prestige of the Azerbaijani tourism industry, create fair competition and civil relations between market participants. The main factors of development:

  • Constant improvement
  • Analytical ability ahead of time
  • Be prepared for change and risks
  • Always follow the wishes of customers and market dynamics